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How to Download an ebook onto your device

Thank you for purchasing an ebook from us. If you're like I used to be, you have no idea how to get that ebook onto your device. Let me help you with that. See the instructions below for a step-by-step guide.

Amazon Kindle Devices

1.  The best way to get your books on your Kindle is to email it to your device. To find your Kindle's email address, go to (or Account & Lists > Content & Devices > Devices tab). You should see a list of your devices. Find the Kindle device you want to read the book on and click it. 

2.  On the next page, you'll see a Device Summary that lists your email address. Email your ebook to this address. 


3.  Once you've emailed your ebook, go to your Kindle and tap Home > Your Library. It might take a few minutes, but if your Kindle is connected to Wi-Fi (or phone service), it should update automatically, and the ebook will appear.

Barnes and Noble Nook

1.  Connect your Nook to your computer. To do so, get your Nook’s data cable, connect it to the micro USB port on your Nook, and plug the other end to a USB port on your computer.

2.   Access your Nook’s file storage on your computer. The procedure for doing so will slightly vary depending on whether you’re using Windows or Mac:

  • For Windows computers, open “My Computer” from your desktop. Click on “Removable Disk” on the left menu panel of the My Computer window to access your Nook’s contents and to open it on a separate window.

  • For Mac computers, a Nook shortcut icon will appear on your desktop once your gadgets are connected. Double-click on this icon to access your Nook and to open its contents on a new window.

3.  Select the ePub, CBZ, or PDF files you want to load into your Nook. Afterwards, drag them to the open Nook window. This will copy the files to the storage media of your Nook.

4.  Disconnect your Nook from your computer. Do so once the transfer is done, so you can start reading the eBooks you’ve just loaded.





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