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Steve Trash


Star of Educational Television's STEVE TRASH SCIENCE, Steve is an award-winning performer, Steve Trash (EEAA - 2011 - Environmental Educator of the Year Award Winner AND 2017 - Best Environmental Science Curriculum Winner) is also a founding board member of Keep The Shoals Beautiful and is a lifetime member of the Alabama Association for Environmental Education.

He has appeared at the world famous MAGIC CASTLE in Hollywood, California, was a featured guest on LeVar Burton's READING RAINBOW Magic Week, The ENCONTROS MAGICOS Street Magic Festival in Coimbra, Portugal, MOTHER OF THE NATION FESTIVAL in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and was the featured green entertainment at the 2011 KEEP AMERICA BEAUTIFUL - Great American Cleanup" national kickoff in Times Square - New York City.

He's a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, the North American Association for Environmental Education, the National Recycling Coalition and Steve was green waaaay before green was cool! He actually lives in a green home in the tiny hamlet of Frog Pond, Alabama.

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* Printed on 30% post 

   consumer recycled paper. 

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