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Maegan Tisdale


Maegan Tisdale attends a high school in northern Alabama. She wrote The Battle of the Lightning Strike when she was 12 years old and was 14 when it began the publishing process. Maegan enjoys reading books when she is not writing one of her own. She is a firm believer in her faith in God and strives to be a better person through Him. 

The Battle_PG_Front cover.jpg

A lightning strike threatens to destroy a small village. Baylee, one of the villagers, is asked to figure out a way to save the town. After a frightening fight, she discovers that the lightning strike was bullied as a child. The only way to make the lightning strike leave is for Baylee to make peace between it and the people that bullied it all those years ago. Find out how Baylee became a hero of her small village in this tale of danger and daring.

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