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We are Not Currently Accepting Submissions

Renaissance Valley Publishing


Renaissance Valley Publishing was established in 2015 by an author with big dreams and a strong determination. A wish to help other writers navigate the difficult and discouraging publishing process motivated the birth of this company. We never could have imagined the vast array of manuscripts that are created every year by writers with a deep desire to see their work sent forth into the world. We receive manuscripts that fit into every category of quality, and, sadly, we cannot publish them all. However, being a small publishing company has its advantages. We have fewer submissions which means that we can spend more time on each one. For those manuscripts that we don't publish, we try to provide helpful feedback to the writers, and for those we do publish, we work hard to ensure that they are prepared to their highest potential to bring the reader the most pleasure in the reading. 

About Renaissance Valley Publishing


We are Renaissance Valley Publishing, a traditional publishing house that publishes fiction and nonfiction books. We make it our mission to seek out new and established authors and combine their undiscovered or revealed potential with Renaissance Valley’s exceptional approach to publishing to deliver the best quality books and experience for our authors.


Renaissance Valley Publishing is a company which stands firm on our values. Those values show through in all we do. We believe in:


  • Honesty and Integrity - We believe in being upfront and honest in all of our dealings. Our authors, artists, customers, and anyone else who wishes to do business with us can do so with confidence.  

  • Reliability - We believe that our writers should be able to rely on us through every step of the publishing process and beyond. We are available to answer any questions and address any concerns that may arise. 

  • Commitment - We are committed to our writers and want to see them succeed. Our job is to do all we can to make our writers shine.

  • Excellence - We strive for excellence in all that we do. If you put your work into our hands, you can rest in the assurance that we will do all in our power to prepare and promote your book to bring the greatest results. 


Your success is our success. Let's work together to make something great!

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