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Shady Glade Publishing

There are many different types of publishing companies out there, and most of the terms used to describe them can have many different meanings. We know this can be confusing. We at Shady Glade Publishing believe in keeping things simple and clear.

Here's what we offer:


  • We will take care of everything involved in the publishing process. (We work with qualified people to ensure you get professional-grade cover art, editing, formatting, printing, etc.)

  • We provide assistance with setting up an author platform if requested.

  • We provide assistance with marketing training if requested.

  • We will provide you with physical copies of your books at your request. (Any quantity you request, from one book up.)

  • We will provide you with marketing items at your request. (business cards, bookmarks, bags, etc. A variety of choices are available.)

  • We will publish your book on Amazon and other online bookstores if requested.

  • We will cover the cost of necessary ISBNs, copyrights, barcodes, formatting, and any expenses incurred in the normal publishing process which are not listed under your responsibilities.

You will be responsible for:


  • The cost of the editor, the cover art, and any requested illustrations (for children's picture books). (included in packages)

  • The cost of any physical books and marketing materials you request. (optional)

  • A small fee for our services. (included in packages)

You will benefit by:


  • Receiving a professionally designed book.

  • Maintaining complete ownership and copyright of your work. 

  • Receiving 100% royalites of all sales from your book.

  • Having a voice in the artwork and price of your book.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Shady Glade Publishing is a cooperative publishing company. Cooperative publishing differs from vanity publishing in that true cooperative publishers are selective about the manuscripts they accept. Here at Shady Glade Publishing, we have high standards of quality and do not believe in publishing manuscripts that are not ready for the market. We also believe in using editors, cover artists, illustrators, formatters, etc. who provide high-quality work, so that we can offer our authors the best return for their money and the best chance for success. 


We understand that the ideal situation for many writers is to have their manuscript accepted by a major traditional publishing company; however, we also understand that for an unknown writer, this is extremely difficult if not impossible. Major traditional publishers receive so many manuscripts that unless you have a well-known and respected agent, the chances are they will never even look at your manuscript. Additionally, it is almost as difficult to get a well-known and respected agent as it is to get noticed in a major traditional publishing company for the same reason. 


Another option is to try a new or small traditional publishing company. While they do not receive the volume of manuscripts their more established counterparts receive, they have to be very selective of the manuscripts they take on because their resources are much more limited. They can only sign authors when they believe the manuscript is of high enough quality to break through the barriers and sell enough copies to cover the expense they've invested in the book and to make them a sizable profit. 


We know many of you writers out there produce excellent work, but for different reasons may not be able to land contracts with traditional publishers. That's where we come in. We are not in this business to get rich. Of course, we need to make some profit for our business to stay afloat, but our goal is to help writers like you get your books out to the public with the highest quality asssistance for the most reasonable prices. If you have any questions about any of the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.


We look forward to working with you.

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