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A. E. Cook

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Alice Cook lives in Alabama with a teenage dog who has mastered the art of manipulation. To maintain her sanity, she engages in a daily exercise called “writing.”


For ten years, Alice taught the English language to international students at her local university. When she hit the ten-year milestone, her gypsy nature kicked in, and she moved to South Dakota to work on the Cheyenne River Reservation. Now, she’s back home in the warm, humid south. Her love of traveling and exploring different cultures is reflected in her writing, but so is her southern culture and down-home nature. 


Her debut novel, The Amber Key, is the first in the Xandi series, an exciting juvenile adventure book full of danger, mysterious powers, and an ancient hidden laboratory that everyone seems to either want to protect or plunder. It, along with the second book in the series, The Forest of Faces, and the third book in the series, The Dragon Rider, is available now. 

Amber key book.png

The Amber Key
Book One of the 
Xandi Trilogy

Forest of Faces book.png
The Forest of Faces
Book Two of the
Xandi Trilogy
Dragon Rider book.png
The Dragon Rider
Book Three of the
Xandi Trilogy
New Novella - ebook cover without text1.
Edric's Story
Coming soon
Companion to the Xandi Trilogy

Coming Soon

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