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The Amber Key: Book One of the Xandi Trilogy

Juvenille Adventure Book

When a dangerous, hooded figure threatens someone with certain death, the average, sane person does what they ask. But Molly McClain isn’t the average, sane person. 

   Deep below the earth, on a hidden island, runs a maze of tunnels where something deadly waits, its secrets hidden away for generations. Secrets the inhumanly-powerful Xandi have sworn to protect. Secrets Molly and her friends are determined to uncover. 
   The explosion that led Molly and her family to this small island in the Pacific Ocean was ruled an accident, but Molly knows better. Something sinister is at play. Something is happening in the dark tunnels. Molly will discover the truth, whatever the cost. 
   When they find the professor’s ancient journal, their perilous quest begins. 
   They visit an “invisible” village, get trapped in an underwater cave, and almost freeze to death in the heart of a volcano. Terrible traps lurk around every corner. Challenging puzzles stand in their way. They must collect all the segments of the amber key if they are to reach the cavern laboratory before their faceless enemy. Or before Molly’s hooded figure follows through with his threat. 
   If they fail, the whole world could fall.

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