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How to submit


E-mail submissions

Include your submission in the body of the email. We will NOT open attachments. You may email your submission to us at or through the Contact Us page of this website. Be sure to include the word "submission" in the subject line along with your name and the name of your book.



Genres we accept



Children's, Middle Grade/Juvenile, Young Adult, Literary Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance (no erotica)



Various categories.

Submitting a manuscript

Submission Guidelines:



Please make sure that any manuscript you submit is complete, has been proofread and edited and is ready to be published. Your submission should include:


1. A one-page query

2. The first five pages of your manuscript



Non-fiction manuscripts may be submitted before they are completed, however, the status of the manuscript and the estimated date of completion should be stated. Your submission should include:


1. A one-page query

2. A book proposal

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