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Stephanie Cavender

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Stephanie Cavender is an author who lives on a farm in Holly Springs, Mississippi with her husband, two daughters, two dogs, about thirty cows, and one bunny.  Stephanie has always loved to write all sorts of things.  She has been writing poetry, song lyrics, and short stories since she was a little girl.  In fact, before she had even learned to read and write, she entertained her cousins with made-up stories.

Stephanie is a 1998 graduate of the University of Mississippi with a degree in English.  She graduated from Ole Miss Law in 2001.  After practicing law with her husband for a few years, she moved on to the Corporate Legal world in 2004, where she has been writing documents more technical than creative for many years.

Stephanie finally decided to compile several of her poems about nature into a children’s book of poetry in 2015.  Her book has been in many local bookstores and gift shops throughout the Mid-South since it was published.  She loves book signing events and speaking to organizations that support writing and libraries.  She loves visiting classrooms and reading to students because she especially enjoys sparking an interest and appreciation of poetry in children at a young age.

Stephanie continues to write poems and has also been writing a series of devotions on social media.  She continues to work on Volume 2 of her poetry book and is working on compiling and editing her devotions into book form.

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Enter a land of bumble bees, of dandelions, and cypress knees

Where moonbeams dance among the trees

And snowflakes nap on fallen leaves

Where sunsets, stars, and rainbows bright

Adorn the day and gentle night

Where Nature finds its heart's delight

In mighty Sunshine's tender light

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