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The Forest of Faces: Book Two of the Xandi Trilogy

Middle Grade Fantasy Book

Jake and Archie have finally earned enough trust to be allowed to guard Professor Xandiver’s secret laboratory all by themselves. It’s a great honor, an extraordinary privilege. Who would’ve guessed it’d be so boring. Until…


   A dark figure mysteriously appears in the middle of the cavern and steals a small device from a nearby desk. Then, just as quickly as he appeared, the thief suddenly vanishes into thin air. 

   To set things right, Molly, Jake and their friends must travel through one of the mysterious doors in the generator room to a strange, foreboding land. There they face giant panthers, raging whirlpools, and mythical creatures lurking outside an underwater maze.

   Molly and the others search for the thief while struggling to evade the deadly Xandi guarding that land. Meanwhile, Archie has been captured by the enemy and faces excruciating torture if he doesn't reveal the secrets of their power.

   Numerous questions arise. Who really turned the people in the Forest of Faces into trees? What lies in the bunker that is rumored to hold the most powerful weapon ever known? Are the Xandi that live there truly the villains the Gardener claims, or is the Gardener the one who can’t be trusted?

   Molly and her friends must stop the evil that threatens to rise. They just have to figure out who the evil ones are first. The wrong choice could mean the end of the world. 

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