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Shady Glade Publishing
The Christmas Letters written while on deployment

Is there a Santa Claus? Why do we decorate a Christmas tree? What is the meaning of Christmas? Parents everywhere face similar questions at some point, especially from children who are beginning to doubt. As hard as these questions are to answer, it is even more difficult for those separated from their children or serving in the military. In 2004 and 2005, while coming off a deployment, children’s author, J.D. Manders, wrote these sixteen letters to his own children to answer their questions about Christmas. His straightforward explanations provide meaningful responses to such controversies as political correctness, the pagan origins of the holiday, the existence of St. Nicholas, family conflict, and giving. In doing so, he provides children from many Christian traditions and backgrounds a basis for greater faith and hope during the most beautiful of Christian holidays – Christmas.

The Unicorn Eternal fantasy book

After an absence of many long years, the mysterious Woodsman Ian returned to the Kingdom of Saydeus to announce that the unicorn was coming to bring goodness and hope. The unicorn appeared shortly afterwards to the amazement of all. Although some did not believe, many of the villagers sought him. To those who believed, the unicorn brought healing and joy, but he did not appear to those seeking him for selfish reasons. Yet when the unicorn began to regularly visit the king’s daughter, Bridget, in a meadow, the king grew jealous and sought to capture or kill the unicorn. Using all of the skills of his famed huntsman, Marduk, the king set a trap to finally destroy the unicorn once and for all and keep Bridget for himself. Set in the England of the Dark Ages, the Unicorn Eternal is an allegory of eternal hope and love.

Blessings for Betsy picture book

Come and join in and meet twenty-year-old, twin sister and brother, Ava and Adam. Ava uses her gift of music and making up song, and Adam uses his gift of playing the guitar to teach Betsy and her group of Sunday school friends about blessings. Read along with your child how Betsy and her friends quickly learn that they are a blessing, and you are too. 
May this story of four and five-year-olds bring back fun memories of your childhood church days.

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