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Medievalspeake: A Medieval Worde Boke

Medieval and Renaissance Dictionary

What's the difference between a monk and a friar, or is there one? How do you distinguish a longsword from a rapier? Should you wear a houppelande or hose to the court? What does a coffyn taste like, and why would you want to eat it? Is a donjon by any other name still a keep? And what, for heaven's sake, is a ratchyncroke? Find the answers to these and a whole host of other questions concerning the Middle Ages you never even thought to ask in Medievalspeak

This book should be useful for the first-
faire-goer or the veteran of many faires. In Medievalspeake, medievalist, all around history geek, and Alabama Renaissance Faire Round Table board member, Lee Freeman (aka Fr. Denys DeCourcy), provides a glossary of medieval terms to enable you to get the most out of your Renaissance Faire experience. And if it prompts you to do more reading on the Middle Ages, that's okay, too!


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