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Book One of the Kingdoms of Beauty Series

A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast

2nd Edition

Assassinating Beauty

  • Cursed by a goblin mage on the battlefield, elven Prince Thallan of Caelora cannot escape the urge to kill. The irresistible need will not be ignored, and any attempt to do so results in violent, uncontrollable murder sprees. In order to save his people from destruction by his own hand, he leaves his elven kingdom and travels to the land of humans. If he must kill, it is better that he chooses his targets among these arrogant and heartless creatures. Humans are, after all, the ones responsible for the elven-goblin wars. Without their greed and callousness, many elven lives would not have been lost.

    Now an assassin for hire, Thallan satisfies his murderous urges by bathing his hands in the blood of his enemies. A compromise that has become acceptable if not entirely satisfactory, that is, until he receives an assassination contract for the lady, Isabella Kantrell. For the first time, he hesitates on a job. That hesitation could change his life and the lives of everyone in the two kingdoms.

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