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Young elf mage, Thornindell Greenbow was furious. His brother had died on the battlefield in a war that never should have happened. A war that only started because of the selfish and entitled actions of King Leopold of Yeatton. Thorn would have his revenge. The human king would know the pain of losing a loved one. And he would live with the knowledge of that upcoming loss and with his helplessness to prevent it for eighteen years. On the day the human kingdom celebrated the birth of their new princess, Thorn was there. But he was young and new in the ways of his craft. He had yet to perfect his magic. With one ill-conceived curse, the young mage set a chain of events into action that would change him and the princess of Yeatton forever.

Princess Elora hated elves, especially the one who had cursed her. Now, practically every moment of her life was devoted to finding true love, whether she wanted to or not. Her continued existence depended on it. But the elf had ensured that she would never love anyone. He had built that assurance into the curse itself. So, she would find him instead. And she would make him fix it. If only he could. If only time weren't running out. 

Cursing Beauty

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