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Printed on 30% Post Consumer Recycled Paper

Paperback - 126 pages


Star of Educational Television's STEVE TRASH SCIENCE, Rockin' Eco Hero Steve Trash® has entertained more than 25 million people since 1984. He's appeared on CBS, ESPN, CNBC, HLN, and VH1. Steve travels the world bringing his unique brand of eco-magic to theatres, fairs, and festivals in the United States and many other countries including Japan, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates. 


In his live magic show, Steve Trash teaches kids about recycling using a combination fo fun - and funny - magic routines that engage, entertain, and educate. 


In his exciting new Public Television show Steve Trash Science, he shares his passion for both magic and science. 

Finding Your Light Bulb

  • This book is for anyone who wants to be in show business or wants to move to the next level in their show business career.  It’s for the journeymen, journeywomen, journeypersons, of family entertainment: magicians, jugglers, puppeteers, balloon sculptors, storytellers, ventriloquists, musicians, and more. 


    LEARN:  The seven steps you must take for show business SUCCESS. 

    LEARN:  Why “finding your light bulb” is the key to show business happiness, fulfillment,  AND making a lot MORE MONEY.

    LEARN:  How to create a VICTORY TABLE that inspires you and helps you climb higher and higher on the ladder of success.

    LEARN:  The four unique questions every entertainer must ask themselves to move to the NEXT LEVEL on the mountain of show business.

    LEARN:  The seven things that all “BIG TIME” show biz folks have in common and you MUST focus on to really be “in the show business game”.

    LEARN:  How tiny steps taken towards your dreams and goals can make all the difference in getting there.

    LEARN:  The secret to “getting there from here” is in creating dynamic step by step ACTION PLANS.

    LEARN:  How magical a “brand description” improves your chances of getting booked over and over.