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The Dragon Rider: Book Three of the Xandi

  • Edee has left the Xandi and joined forces with Lord Finwick. The police are after Edric for the attempted murder of the mayor. And the Xandi are at each other's throats. Molly thinks things could not possibly get worse, when suddenly, she and Anicia are captured by the enemy. 

    Our heroes encounter powerful "elves," battle merpeople, and are caught in a lethal energy field that could kill everyone on the island. Meanwhile, Lord Finwick continues to elude capture. When Edee rides her dragon in an attack on the town, loyalties begin to grow clearer. Molly and her friends must do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe.

    Should Edee's brother, frozen in time a century ago, be awakened? Will the world leaders be given control of the professor's inventions? Is the only way to save the day to take away the power of the Xandi forever? Difficult decisions must be made, but if they are the wrong decisions, the whole world could suffer the consequences.

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