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The Ever After

May Bird is a bit of an outcast. She lives with her mom and her hairless cat, Somber Kitty. She doesn't have any friends, and is constantly being taunted by her schoolmates. One way she deals with the teasing of the other kids who just don't understand her is to disappear into the woods surrounding her old West Virginian home. There, she can become a warrior princess and leave all her troubles behind. One day, she falls into a lake in the woods behind her house, and spirals down into a whole new and incredibly strange world.

There, she is surrounded by ghosts and specters and must be careful not to fall into the hands of the evil Bo Cleevil.

Anderson had created a wonderful, colorful, and elaborate world full of imaginative creatures and items. We watch as May gains confidence and begins to take charge of her life. This is an excellent "coming of age" story.

It might be a little scary for small children.

Book 1 of the Ever After series

4.5 Stars

Get your copy here:


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