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The Thirteenth Princess


"The true story of the twelve dancing princesses has now been recorded.

Thirteen sisters have grown up hidden away by their Uncle, who rules the kingdom by proxy. When the eldest sister marries, her husband will take the throne. But the king has no intention of giving up his crown.

Navigating an underground world, breaking an enchantment, and enduring the prospect of a forced marriage, these are the trials the thirteenth princess must endure to see her sisters and their kingdom free."


In a kingdom that values pairs, where “symmetry is beauty and beauty is symmetry,” a thirteenth princess is an inconvenience. This tale is told by that inconvenient thirteenth princess. It is an interesting take on the traditional story with just enough variation to keep you interested but not so much that you have to struggle to relate it to its original version. Nina Clare does a wonderful job of adapting this story to a modern audience. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars

Get your copy here:


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